Kineteco SZH+137-1

Kineteco SZH+137-1 starter

Introducing Kineteco's latest model range: our SZH+ starters are our biggest yet with capability of starting from 9 up to 15+ltr engines.

The Z-drive gearbox can be configured to give greater engine clearance. With the manual engage and trip mechanism and detachable crank wind, the operator can choose exactly how the spring starter operates, even using it to turn the engine over slowly for inspection.

As with all Kineteco spring starters, the SZH+ series bolts directly into the standard starter pocket on the engine. Given the correct engine configuration, all the electrics can be dispensed with. Fitting takes a matter of minutes, and operation of the spring starter does not require any special skill or strength. Unlike a directly hand-cranked engine, time can be taken to wind the starter, which can then be tripped when ready.

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3.0 mm

Pinion teeth


Pinion tooth form

Mod 3

Flange Type

SAE1 Long

Spigot Diameter

88.8 mm