Prestolite S152 electric starter motor

Prestolite S152 electric starter motor

Thanks to its wide range of features and specifications, the range of the Prestolite S152 starter motors is ideal for use in several different applications for military, Marine & offshore, Oil & Gas and industrial markets. Its finish can also be adjusted to be suitable for marine environments.

A single S152 starter motor has the ability to start multi-cylinder diesel engines (up to 42 litres capacity) and can be used simultaneously with automatic repeat controllers. The starter can also be used in dual-starter applications.

The starter features a co-axial design (i.e., a dual-stage operating solenoid is internally mounted around the armature shaft) and is 525.5 mm (20.65 in) long with a diameter of 152 mm (5.98 in). The dustproof and splash proof starter is sealed to prevent any oil from entering the drive end. It can also be customised to be cradle- or flange-mounted.

As an intermittently-rated DC motor (4 pole, 8 brush), the Prestolite S152 is designed to help mitigate any damage to its components. When reduced power is applied, the pinion engages the flywheel ring-gear, which helps reduce the level of damage the ring-gear and/or the pinion could incur as a result of poor or heavy engagement. The pinion must be fully engaged before full power can be applied.

Rating: 24V 15kW
Frame size: 152

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