Bosch HEF-109

Bosch HEF-109 electrical starter

Hatraco is proud to offer the powerful starters from Robert Bosch for industrial applications. With a performance of up to 10 kW at 24 V, HEF109 starter motors are the right solution for diesel engines up to 28 l displacement. Specially equipped features such as long-life carbon brushes, conical solenoid contacts and two-stage solenoid switching ensure a lifetime of about 800,000 km on vehicles. However, the Bosch HEF-109 is also a winner on stationary industrial diesel and gas engines where it can be used on many world know engine makes like MAN, Liebherr, Jenbacher, MWM and MTU.

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The two-stage engagement principle guarantees reliable, gentle engagement of the starter-motor pinion. The Integrated Mechanical Relay (IMR) provides dependable switching of all starting functions between starter motor and engine control unit or onboard computer. And for this series, too, weight and dimensions have been kept to a minimum. Two typical models used on stationary engines are the HEF109-M24V and the HEP109-MP24V.

  • For diesel engines up to 28 l and gasoline engines with up to 56 l of displacement
  • For 24 V electrical systems Starter-motor performance of up to 10 kW
  • Robust design
  • Minimum installation-space requirements
  • Various versions available and adaptations feasible
  • Pole housing diameter is 109 mm
  • Overhang drive end shield (HEF)
  • Parallel starting system (HEP)