Distributor starting systems

The SaveAir ™ electronic distributor air start system integrates electronic control technology with the starting-process of an "air in head" system.

This is the in-cylinder air-launch system that is used on many large integrated compressor / engines. With the added capabilities of electronic control, SaveAir eliminates the use of many historical mechanical components within the system. The electronics of the SaveAir system create substantial operational advantages, including a significant reduction in the required amount of starting air (up to 70%) and the elimination of "dead spots" in the start-up procedure.

Electronically controlled distributor starter - benefits and features at a glance

  • Complements the existing air-to-head starting systems with precise microprocessor control
  • Reduces the consumption of the amount of starting air by as much as 70% per start
  • Eliminates "dead spots" on startup
  • Eliminates manual cranking the engine and thus increases the safety of the operator
  • Provides reliable rigid process to control remotely
  • No failure-prone mechanical air start distributor longer needed or camshaft actuated valves
  • Less expensive than conversion to a starting system with driven ring gear
  • "universal" system can be installed on virtually any suitable motor
  • CSA certified for use in hazardous locations Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D