Altronic DISN 800

Altronic DISN 800 ignition module

The DISN is a full-featured industrial ignition system for small- to medium-sized stationary engines up to 16 cylinders. The DISN system is intended for compression-stroke firing and usually uses a single pickup sensing, precision-machined timing disc rotating at engine camshaft speed. If crankshaft-referenced timing is desired, two pickups are used: one sensing firing magnets placed in the engine flywheel and the second sensing a single index magnet rotating at camshaft speed. Three basic series are available: 800C, 801C and 801M. All offer up to eight firing patterns in a common unit and are available in 8, 12 or 16-output models, each with multiple applications. The DISN systems also incorporate four advanced timing control options.

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