Ignition accessories

Every industrial engine is different even though they appear to be the same. Most engine settings are being changed during the time that they are used.

Control setting changes and engine overhauls can cause a difference in the way the engine operates. The same goes for ignition systems. Sometimes, specific ignition changes are needed to which various ignition tools and add-on parts are required. Hatraco can produce and supply various components for improved ignition and engine efficiency.

Enclosures, junction boxes, adapters, base plates, brackets and pick-ups. We offer replacement solutions for obsolete parts and cost effective alternatives to extremely expensive OEM components, like coil adapters and coil replacement sets. On top of that there is a whole range of testers and tools obtainable like the BG Service coil tester, the handheld Hatraco ignition tester for Altronic CD200, stroboscope lights (timing light) and other replacement- and connecting terminals for standard and shielded ignition wiring.

Spark plug tools and accessories

In order to let a spark plug function in optima forma it needs to be carefully installed and maintained. Hatraco is the right source for the required spark plug equipment:

  • Torque-wrenches
  • Spark plug sockets
  • Electrode-gap setting tools
  • Electrode-gap size inspection tool
  • Spark plug gaskets for M14, M18, and 7/8”
  • Spark plug cleaner, tester
  • Spark plug hole conditioning tool

Check our sales department if you are looking for other plug related tools or ignition parts.