Customized rails with pre-installed and pre-wired ignition coils

Ignition systems are made up of a selection of individual components that together form the entire system.

This means that the installation of such a system can be very time consuming when mounting, wiring and connecting all those different parts to a complete functional system. Hatraco supports its customers by preparing and connecting some of the ignition system components in advance. We measure the engine up front and according to these system details we design a complete coil rail and select the connecting components. This rail is then assembled at Hatraco and shipped as a "plug and play" system to the customer. This process is in principle not depending on engine type or ignition system.

Customized Plug & play ignition - Features

Hatraco coil rails are available in different versions: as a purely individual rail, as well as a complete ignition package including related components.

The ignition rail is composed of:

  • Aluminum Mounting Profile
  • Mounted ignition coils
  • Cabling
  • Output Harness
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Mounting Hardware (bolts, nuts and the like)

The additional components form a complete ignition system:

  • Electronic ignition module
  • Sensors
  • Sensor Cables
  • Cable adapters
  • Mounting plate ignition module
  • Trigger Disc
  • Spark plugs
  • Spark Plug Wires

The above list is indicative - depending on the type of ignition system and customer requirements components may differ from the list.