In-house development and customized manufacturing

For over 30 years Hatraco Europe distributor for international manufacturers. At that time, the commercial aspect is complemented by in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Meanwhile, we set up a full-fledged spark plug wire production and we provide more and more own customized products. This ranges from simple spark plug cables to pre-wired ignition rails (coil-rails), complex cable harnesses and the design and delivery of engine specific control systems.

Hatraco own products and designs

You can contact us for:
• Plug and play ignition systems fully prepared with pre-wired ignition rails for your specific engine model and implementation.
• Customized spark plug wires, adapted to the correct motor type and choice of ignition coil- and spark plug connection.
• Engine specific designs of passive prechamber spark plugs and barrel plugs in collaboration with experienced partners and manufacturers in this line of business.
• Complex harnesses / wire looms for engine controllers and other equipment and systems.

Development and manufacture of complex cables can be done by our own engineering department. Production is also possible in small quantities for prototyping or special projects. Besides sales and development we provide testing, repair- and warranty service for most representations. For this, our service department is equipped with specific testing equipment in order to keep repair return time to a minimum.