Hoerbiger Equicom 60

Hoerbiger Equicom 60 gas mixer

Equicom 60 is a combination venturi gas mixer and internal gas flow control valve. The gas flow is controlled through an annular gap, driven by a high-precision stepping motor with integrated electronics. This configuration allows fast response to different gas qualities, which is necessary for permanent fuel gas changes at biogas applications. The optimized shape of the venture tube avoids flow separations and decreases pressure losses up to 20% compared to standard shapes, resulting in higher engine performance.

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  • Power supply 12-24V DC
  • RS485 4-wire or CANopen
  • 1 analog input +10/–10V
  • Outputs: 3 Open Collector, 24 V / 0,5 A max.
  • Protection: overvoltage, under voltage and temperature of cooling element > 80 °C