Fuel control for industrial engines

Industrial engines are always equipped with a fuel control system. All necessary components for fuel control can be provided by Hatraco; from a standard carburetor / gas mixer to advanced bi-fuel systems for diesel engines.

An accurate fuel mixture and control is essential for a better performing engine. Increasingly stringent regulations require engines with a responsive, accurate and reliable gas train in order to improve engine emissions. What is important here is that fuel and air are mixed as homogeneously as possible. In addition, there are options to include gas metering and choices of products without wearing, moving parts. Hatraco offers products for controlling different types of gas from natural gas, low caloric landfill gas and sewage gas to high caloric propane. To Nox (nitrogen dioxide) values to reduce emissions in Hatraco offers possible solutions for exhaust gas recirculation in combination with a three-way catalyst.

Close cooperation with the best manufacturers of fuel and mixture regulation

For the best fuel system, Hatraco teams up closely with renowned manufacturers such Altronic, GAC, Heinzmann, Bosch and Impco. Each system can be tailored to the most appropriate components for virtually every piston. Choose from the wide actuator (throttle valve) program of GAC or Heinzmann and view the new Equicom ring gas mixer and Actucom actuator of Altronic. Check out the possibilities for improved fuel economy or emission improve your diesel engine / emergency genset by gas substitution with the GTI Bi-Fuel system.

• Ring gas mixers
• Gas valves
• Throttle controls (actuators)
• EGR (exhaust gas recirculation)
• Products for naturally aspirated engines and turbocharged engines
• Products for high- and low-caloric gas
• Resistant components for highly corrosive gases
• Various rotary and linear actuator models.
• Actuators prepared for mounting on popular fuel pumps
• Pressure regulators