Fluid level control for industrial applications

Kenco Engineering is a leading manufacturer of instruments for level control and flow measurement of liquids. The company grew with oil level controls for industrial compressors and and level gauges for chemical applications.

Today, the Kenco program includes a wide multitude of sight glasses/gauges, oil level regulators, calibration pots, storage drums and transparent flow meters in all versions. The product range of Kenco is widely applicable. An important part is suitable for large machines with moving parts that require level measurement of lubricating oil or coolant control. In addition to these applications in the mechanical industry there are also products developed for the petrochemical industry. All products are certified by Kenco according to the latest safety standards like the CE marking that is required for applications in Europe. Next to mechanical engineering and petrochemical industry, Kenco product applications can also be found in the water and wastewater treatment industry, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, energy and aviation.

Instrumentation in many designs and methods

Hatraco delivers the full Kenco program on the European aftermarket. This program consists of:

Engine and gas compressor equipment
• Oil level regulators
• Oil Drums
• Level Switches
• Transparent visual flow meters
• Mechanical level-control
• Transparent sight gauges and valves
• Sight glasses for hazardous areas
• Sight glasses for aggressive fluids

Electronic level control
• Magnetostrictive level and temperature gauges
• Ultrasonic level switches
• Thermal gradient and transit meters
• Chemical measurement equipment
• Calibration Pots
• Chemical injectors
• Liquid Barrels

The devices of Kenco be made out in different materials, depending on the application, environment and the medium to be measured. Known media have been included in de designoptions of the products are:
• Oil and hydrocarbons
• Solvents
• Water
• Acids
• Bases
• Condensate
• Clean liquids