ComAp Inteli IO8/8

ComAp Inteli IO8/8 extension module

Binary Inputs/Outputs and Analog Outputs Module.
The extension module Inteli IO8/8 offers users more binary inputs and outputs for ComAp controllers. The unit offers the user the flexibility to configure the unit to have 8 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs, and 2 analog outputs, or 16 binary inputs, 0 binary outputs and 2 analog outputs via switches inside the controller. The Inteli IO8/8 is compatible with the InteliDrive DCU, InteliMains NT, InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT ranges of controllers.
Module is possible to configure (by switch on board) to two configurations: 

  1. Configuration 8/8
  2. Configuration 16/0


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