ComAp Inteli AIN8TC

ComAp Inteli AIN8TC extension mudule

8 Analog Channels Module.
ComAp’s Inteli AIN8TC extension module allows customers up to 8 analog input channels for measuring temperature by thermocouples. The Inteli AIN8TC is useful in situations where extremely accurate temperature readings is required. Up to 10 modules can be connected to a each controller, making accurate temperature readings both simple and reliable. It is compatible with J, K and L types of thermocouples and cold junction compensation is supported.

  • Up to 10 Inteli AIN8TC can be attached to the controller (in case of InteliSys NT, InteliGen NT, InteliMains NT)
  • The Inteli AIN8TC module is determinated for the InteliSys NT, InteliGen NT, InteliMains NT and InteliDrive DCU controllers.


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