DCL Mine X Catalyst converter

DCL Mine X Catalyst converter

MINE-X® catalytic converters dramatically reduce carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and exhaust irritants from diesel engine exhaust. Specifically designed for the rugged demands of heavy-duty off-road vehicles, the MINE-X® catalytic converter helps to improve workplace environmental health and provides compliance with most local regulations requiring an exhaust purifier or exhaust scrubber.

The MINE-X® catalytic converter is installed into the vehicle’s exhaust tailpipe with u-clamps or band clamps. Due to the high void fraction metal substrate, the product produces very little back-pressure restriction on the engine and no loss of power. There are no maintenance requirements for the life of the product.

The product is also available for order as a catalytic muffler, which is designed to replace the original equipment (OE) muffler. Suitable for most off-road and stationary engines, including extreme duty vehicles for mining, earth moving, construction and industry. These are a few samples out of an extended variety of products Hatraco has to offer. For more information please contact us.

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