Want to meet environmental regulations?

In one of our latest posts we've informed you about the environmental consciousness of Hatraco. We have many products and solutions for your industrial engine, supporting your contribution towards a better environment.


  • Altronic Air Fuel Ratio control (AFR)
  • Altronic Emission control valve (ECV)
  • Altronic Mixing Venturi VMI-350
  • Altronic NGI-1000 ignition systems
  • Various industrial spark plugs with up to 30% better life time
  • Starters which require no batteries (Kineteco, TDI, KTI)
  • Hatraco ignition rail systems where, if needed, small repairs are possible instead of complete replacement

This is just a small selection of our wide product range which are eco supportive.
In our next posts we will also pay attention to more brands and their products.

Like to know more about how we can improve the environment together? Just contact us!