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The value of experience

Wouldn’t you rather buy from practical experienced people?

Within our Engine starting team we have specialized people, who have worked in the pump packaging industry and in the field for over 15 years, selling starter products and complete starting systems. This shared knowledge has formed a team that directly understands customer needs, comes up with the best solutions and supports our clients during commissioning on site!

Combine this with a great Design and Project Engineering Team, and you have found the company that will help you start your engines under any circumstances. 
Our offers are standard accompanied by additional documentation, to support your proposal.

Our dream team includes:

  • Dave Rawlins - Regional Development Manager of Hatraco U.S.A. 
  • Karl Browne - Product Development Manager of Hatraco U.K. Ltd.
  • René Sowald - Regional Development Manager Hatraco Asia 
  • Dennis Keurentjes - Division Sales Manager Marine & Offshore HQ the Netherlands
  • Glenn Brouwer - Project Engineer Hatraco HQ the Netherlands

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