spring start test on Deutz 7L BF6M1013

Spring starting tests successfully performed on a 16 litre Deutz BF8M1015MC

In collaboration with Henkelhausen and Kineteco International Ltd, Hatraco successfully performed two spring starter tests. A Kineteco HSS92-1 was installed on a 12 Litre Deutz BF6M1015MC and started the engine successfully. We then returned later and fitted a SZH+92-1 to the even larger 16Litre BF8M1015MC for another successful start. The latter is a first for spring starting with an engine of this displacement.

12 litre Deutz BF 6M 1015 MC & 16 litre Deutz BF 8M 1015 MC

These marinized engines are built to specification for emergency back up starting with both electric start systems and the spring starter installed. These engines will be used for generator applications.

Both Kineteco starter models are readily available at Hatraco!

See for your self.