Simple tips for better performance, longer lifetime and money saving.

If you think you can run an extension forever without treating it well, you might be surprised how much money you have thrown away due to this….

Time is limited and every service engineer or mechanic working on your engine is expensive. Every time you have to come back to your engine after service has been done hurts the most, extra cost for driving, manpower and changing material is one thing, unwanted down time is the other.

Often we point out the spark plug for being worn out, but is this really the case? Only because the reading and setting on your monitoring system says so?

We often see that the installation of the spark plugs and the way you treat the extensions can help to extend the lifetime of your spark plug. We would like to share some simple tips with you which result in better performance, less downtime, longer lifetime and never the less saving you money.

The spark plug cable is an important component that carries the high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plug. This so called secondary cable is exposed to heat, vibration, and of course high voltage. A proper choice for the correct spark plug cable is very important for the functionality and reliability of the complete ignition system.

  • Never work with greasy hands or tools on spark plugs and cables
  • Never pull the spark plug wire itself
  • Contacts at the coil end and the coil should be kept clean
  • Coil connection must be tight and clean
  • If dielectric grease is applied it should never come in contact with the spark plug top
  • Change O-ring at every service interval
  • Only use Hatraco O-rings for maintenance on Hatraco extensions
  • Use the right installation torque for your spark plug
  • Use the right tools for changing the O-ring
  • Use the appropriate extension for each spark plug

Dried out O-rings
Dried out O-rings

Working with clean hands and tools is one of the most important things when servicing spark plugs and extensions. Why? Grease which is on your hands and tools contaminate the ceramic of the spark plug and O-ring. While the engine is running, heat and a magnetic field around and inside your extension creates corona. The corona effect changes all materials into dust along with all the other parts which can enter the extension like oil mist. This dust, which colour depends on the material, can be green, brown, black and so on increases resistance, reduces contact and causes failures like misfires.

damaged extensions
Dirt in the extension caused by corona

Keeping the seal between extension and ceramic of the spark plug smooth and clean is one of the other most important things to avoid troubles. By sealing the air in the extension there is less chance to build up corona. The seal wears out by heat and oil, so keep the circle closed by working with clean hands and tools to reach the best lifetime out of your extension and spark plug. With some engines it is sufficient to change the seal every 1000 hours while other last longer or shorter. This is something you have to find out yourself.

Hatraco has various tools available for the maintenance of spark plug extensions. For example tools to install the O-ring inside the Teflon, brushes to clean the inside of the coil connection. Also dielectric grease for those who are familiar with it, used wrong it can do more harm than good.

Hatraco has a broad knowledge and expertise of ignition systems and ignition parts. Our spark plug cables are of outstanding quality and flexible design. We guarantee you fast delivery, best customer support and service.

Just check with our sales department if we have the spark plug cable for your engine.