Spring starters

No external power, no problem!

No external power available, a Kineteco spring starter could be your saviour.

Kineteco “Simms” spring starters are the original spring starters. Developed in 1950’s by Simms Engineering, which was formed by Frederick Simms one of the founders of the motor industry. A close friend of Robert Bosch and Gottlieb Daimler. Kineteco acquired the business from Lucas/CAV in 1996.

Kineteco spring starters require no external power systems unlike electric, air or hydraulic counterpart systems. They are simple, compact, and dependable and often the preferred choice for backup starting or as primary starters in hazardous environments.

A few of the advantages of Kineteco spring starters:

  • Safe 
  • Easy handling
  • No battery or alternator needed
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to bolt straight on the engine
  • Large portfolio of engine applications
  • Easily configured to your exact specification

No modification is necessary to bolt the spring starters straight on to an engine. Kineteco has a large portfolio of engine applications where spring starters have already been fitted. If your engine is not listed, a spring starter can be configured to your specific application by the dedicated team of Kineteco engineers.

Kineteco spring starters are suitable for a large range of diesel engines and can start small 400cc single cylinders all the way up to 15L 6 cylinders. For example, boats, pumps, gen-sets, mining equipment or anything that is powered by a diesel engine.

Keep watching our news in the upcoming editions about the latest developments of Kineteco spring starters for engines up to 22L.

Just contact us if you like to know more about Kineteco spring starters for your engine.