TDI TurboTwister T6 & T7

New: TDI TurboTwister T6 & T7

A modular, compact starter for engines from 20-150 litres.

TurboTwister is a modular, compact starter for engines from 20 to 150 litres. TurboTwister is pound-for-pound the most powerful air starter in the industry. Through simplicity in design, the size and weight are remarkably compact for the output it delivers. It delivers more power per unit of air than even our TurboTwin design. And the flexibility to run 45-150 pig/ 3.1-10.3 BAR makes it an affordable solution for application on engines from 20 to 150 liters.

TDI TurboTwister

T6 has a directional radial exhaust and T7 has a threaded exhaust that allows operation on natural gas. Both starters are available in starter only version or as Smart Starter with integrated solenoid.

The result is TDI’s most rugged, reliable air starter. It will be less susceptible to failure in harsh environments, thereby lasting longer, which will actually reduce the cost of ownership.

The TDI Turbo Twister is available in various configurations. For more information please contact us.