TDI TurboGuard

New at Hatraco: TDI TurboGuard

Protection for your engine against Hydrolock Damage & Costly Downtime with the new TurboGuard™ Smart Starter of TDI.

This new TurboGuard™ Smart Starter detects the presence of leaking coolant, extraneous fluids, or any other type of obstruction in the cylinders during the start sequence. TurboGurard™ automatically shuts the starting process down before damage occurs – preventing a hyrdolock incident.

prevent hydrolock

New level of engine reliability
With TurboGuard™ there  is a new level of protection against the threat of leaking head gaskets, oil from valves, or other obstruction that make their way into a cylinder. Being able to abort the start cycle before damage is done.  And gives a feedback that an obstruction is detected. The TurboGuard delivers a new level of engine reliability.

All kind of engines
Presently, TurboGuard™ is designed to fit on all large reciprocal engines from 70 liter and up. It fits the same engine market as TDI’s T100-B and T100-V models. It’s more than just a starter, but a complete start system made up of the turbine air starter, the control unit, integrated relay valves, solenoids and other components.

Applications for TurboGuard™

  • Workboats & Marine: engines are susceptible to leaking coolant or fluids after being in port for periods of time.
  • Engines with Long Periods Between Starts: during those times, the engine is vulnerable to leaking coolant.
  • Power Generation/Remote Starts: with no operator present to blow down the engine, TurboGuard is a safeguard.
  • Remote Automatic Gas Compression Stations: are often unmanned and have long periods of time between starts — meaning coolant leaks can go unnoticed.

See Why Hydrolock Happens & How TurboGuard Prevents it!

 Are you interested this new TurboGuard™ Smart Starter for your engine? Just contact Hatraco to define the right starter for your engine.