New at Hatraco: Prestolite starters and more

The range of Hatraco engine starting products has been expanded with Prestolite starters.

Prestolite Electric is a global manufacturer and supplier of alternators, starters, auxiliary electrical equipment and services to the transportation, industrial and military industry. Prestolite has a strong heritage dating back to 1911, and includes the Leece-Neville, Motorola, Butec and Lucas CAV brands, resulting in a long history of engineering excellence and innovative products.

The product range of Prestolite is applicable to different markets like Bus & Coach, Truck, Marine, Agricultural, Refrigeration, Industrial, Light Commercial, Rail and Military.

Prestolite offers a full product range of starter motors from light duty to heavy industrial and dual start applications (12V / 1.3kW up to 24V / 15kW).

Besides Prestolite starter motors, Hatraco offers their dynamos and other products as well.

In the upcoming weeks you will find the products of Prestolite at our website.