New GOETZE® industrial spark plugs at Hatraco

As an official distributor we are proud to announce that the range of GOETZE® industrial spark plugs are soon available at Hatraco!

Tenneco Inc.´s (NYSE:TEN) Powertrain business group is launching a range of new GOETZE® branded industrial spark plugs: G-6001, G-6002, G-6003, and G-6004. These are suitable for power generation applications, including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and mine gas. Tenneco will continue to offer industrial ignition products under the Champion® brand for use in traditional gas engines for power generation and Oil & Gas industry.

These new GOETZE® branded industrial spark plugs are designed for industrial gas engines. With proven durability for these applications, GOETZE® plugs are designed and manufactured for robust, reliable service.

The GOETZE® range of industrial spark plugs features a series of design advances. Installation and removal is easier thanks to a design that makes the familiar 7/8-inch (22.2mm) hexagon much higher, giving installation tools a stronger grip. The new spark plugs also feature large, smooth insulators that use stronger ceramics and a more robust steel shell.

In testing on Jenbacher Type 3 engines, the GOETZE® G-6001 plugs achieve lifetimes of over 10,000 hours. The G-6001’s solid design and high-strength nickel-plated shell are engineered to withstand more dynamic combustion pressures. The industrial spark plug is produced using GOETZE’s unique hot-locking assembly process, sealing the shell. The unribbed insulator with a monoblock SAE terminal pin provides an enhanced connection with ignition leads. Advanced laser welds increase thermal conductivity, helping improve wear behavior and increase lifetime.

The new GOETZE® G-6002 plugs achieve the same 10,000 hour lifetime in tests on Jenbacher Type 4 engines using a robust design suitable for high-turbulence combustion applications. The GOETZE® G-6003 offers a cost-effective, maintenance-free solution with a lifetime of more than 4,000 hours in Jenbacher Type 3 engines. The GOETZE® G-6004 provides more than 2,000 hours of maintenance-free operation for Jenbacher Type 6 and Type 9 engine applications with high BMEP values.

Interested in one of these new GOETZE® spark plugs for your gas engine? 

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