New Altronic CD200EVS Series

Hatraco is proud to introduce the new Altronic CD200EVS Series ignition systems. The Altronic CD200EVS Series ignition systems are high-energy, VariSpark-based, digital ignition systems designed for use on 1- to 12-cylinder industrial gas engines. These DC-powered systems eliminate maintenance-intensive mechanical distributor ignition systems while incorporating the revolutionary Altronic VariSpark technology.

With no moving parts, they employ microprocessor technology to provide high-end control features and operational flexibility across the range of suitable applications.

The CD200EVS features Altronic’s patented VariSpark ignition technology which allows users to control the total energy delivered to the spark gap in a way not possible with any other technology available today. The new Altronic CD200EVS Series ignition systems are available at Hatraco.