MINE-X catalytic converters

Need support reducing engine exhaust emissions?

Engine exhaust emissions from internal combustion stationary engines are effectively reduced with the MINE-X® catalytic converters of DCL, including NOx, CO, hydrocarbons, formaldehydes and particulates.

The features of the MINE-X® catalytic converters make it rugged and a reliable for small and medium industrial engines 700 HP (520kW) and smaller. The metal foils are vacuum brazed directly to each other and the outer shell to prevent telescoping due to engine vibrations and thermal expansion stress from high temperatures.

The various monitoring ports provide ability for checking emissions, backpressure and temperature. Mounting, installation and field servicing are easily done due to the quick-release clamps. The DCL catalyst coatings are backed by performance guarantees and are available in three-way and oxidation coatings.

For various engines types there are a variety of catalyst types available like oxidation catalyst for lean burn engines, three-way catalyst for rich burn engines and diesel oxidation catalyst for diesel engines.

Applications for the MINE-X® catalytic converters are for example power generation, irrigation and pumping stations, co-generation, gas compression, air compressors and CNG refuelling. The modular DCL system gives design flexibility for genset and compressor packagers. For areas with more stringent emission standards additional catalyst elements can be added.

The MINE-X® catalytic converter is just one example out of the product range of DCL that Hatraco can offer you. Other products of DCL include oxidation and three-way catalysts converters and spare parts.

Just contact us to control your emissions with the solutions of DCL!