Kineteco spring starters: the original & best!

A Kineteco spring starter can be used anywhere a diesel engine needs to be started, whatever the conditions.

All over the world Kineteco spring starters are used in many applications including lifeboats, irrigation pumps, black start generators, mining vehicles and fire pumps, etc. 

No modification is necessary to bolt the spring starters straight on an engine. Kineteco® has a large installed base on different engine types. 
Our technical team can configure a spring starter for almost any diesel driven application up to 20 liters. 

Kineteco “Simms” spring starters are the original spring starters. Developed in 1950’s by Simms Engineering, which was formed by Frederick Simms one of the founders of the motor industry. Kineteco acquired the business from Lucas/CAV in 1996.
The Simms Starter has a well-earned reputation for quality and durability. It is still manufactured by Kineteco to the exacting standards that made it a classic!

A few other the advantages of Kineteco spring starters:
•    Safe 
•    Easy handling
•    Environmentally friendly: set and tripped by hand. No battery needed
•    Maintenance free
•    Easy to bolt straight on the engine
•    Large portfolio of engine applications
•    Easily configured to your exact specification

Kineteco spring starters are assembled at our UK premises from components sourced 100% in the UK.


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