Hatraco Teflon Spark Plug Extensions

Extreme long service life with Hatraco Teflon Spark Plug Extensions

Servicing and overhauling your engines is important to keep your engine in good condition. At Hatraco we support you with our products and services like for example our Hatraco® Teflon™ Spark Plug Extensions.

Based on experiences in the field our Hatraco® Teflon™ Spark Plug Extensions realises up to 50% longer running times than previous versions, even under the most extreme circumstances. These results are realised by continuous improvement of our engineering and the development of our Hatraco Resistor Technology (HRT).

Our expertise combined with the close contact with our customers ensures that our extensions meet the technical and market requirements.

Besides the great advantage of long running times, we have more advantages for you:

  • All Hatraco® Teflon™ spark plug cables are custom made, no need for minimum quantities;
  • In-house production provides short lead times and a high grade of flexibility with respect to quantities, sizes and configurations; 
  • Our trade-marked orange-red coloured cables are also available in black (free of charge);
  • Extensions are provided with laser marked part number and production code;
  • Extra free option to put your own company logo and/or product code on the extensions; 
  • Favourable delivery times.

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