Tdi turboflow Air Regulator

Efficiency & Savings with the TDI TurboFlow™ Air Regulator.

When optimizing the engine’s air start system, the pressure drop to the starter should be minimized “in a dynamic manner” under high flow conditions. The TurboFlow™ makes more useable air pressure available in the tank. This translates to greater air flow delivered to the air starter motor, even at low pressures.

Additional benefits to these efficiency gains include:

  • More engine starts on fixed air volume (tank size). 
  • More powerful starter performance on engines additionally loaded under cranking conditions.
  • Utilization of smaller air storage tanks, without impacting regulatory compliance.   
  • Maintaining a lower stored air pressure, which reduces air compressor wear and costs.

Turbo flow

The TurboFlow™ is applicable for:

  • Engine air starting
  • Larger air motors
  • Plant air systems
  • Vessel Air systems
  • High or  Low pressure  differential reduction

TurboFlow™ DNV GL certificate
The TurboFlow™ Air Regulator has the DNV GL Type Approval Certificate. This DNV GL certificate is of great importance in the marine branch. In the marine branch customers are seeking for DNV GL classification for their ships or marine products.

Matching the right air regulator to the start system
It is a critical issue to match the right air regulator to the start system in accordance with regulatory standards and for a good price. It’s air efficiency, starting reliability, and agency compliance in one cost-effective air regulation solution from TDI. TDI TurboFlow guarantees the performance of the air starter motor.

The TurboFlow™ has a wide operating range 3.5-50 BAR which assures engine air starting performance on a large number of typical air system specifications. Also the TurboFlow has an internal safety feature that prevents overpressure on the outlet site of the pressure reducer. All-metal external parts for harshest marine and industrial environments.

Just contact our sales department to compose the right cost-effective air regulator solution for you.