ignition rails

Easy plug-and-play with Hatraco ignition rail systems

The last thing you want is an engine which does not run due to malfunction of the ignition system and rail assembly. This is why Hatraco developed a modular rail system for almost every inline and V-engine up to 12 cylinders which covers the majority of the European market under 600kW.

Plug and play, modular, reliable, fast delivery and serviceable, all you seek in a rail system we provide.

Besides our standard range of ignition rail systems we can easily engineer custom-made solutions and OEM retrofit rail systems. We make our rail reliable and serviceable. In case we have to repair the rail system, our service department will assist you quickly to get you back on the grid in no time.

We have rail systems available for different engine brands like Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Iveco®, Jenbacher®, Liebherr®, MAN®, MTU®, MWM®, Perkins®, Tedom®, Scania®, etc.

With our in-house engineering and in-house production we give you the best solution. Our ignition rail systems meet our high quality standards. We use the best materials. The use of Altronic ignition parts provide high durability and performance to keep your engine running.

You want to know more about plug-and-play system for your engine, just contact us.