DET 1600 1620 DET1600 DET1600MAN

DET1600MAN® no commissioning needed

The DET-1600 MAN® is officially approved by MAN®

The DET-1600 MAN® is pre-configured for these specific MAN® engines:

  • E2876LE202
  • E2676LE212 
  • E3262E302 
  • E3262LE202 

which results in no commissioning.

Detects and eliminates detonation

On a cycle-by-cycle basis for every cylinder values of vibrations are transformed into electrical signals, which are evaluated by the DET device. The values are measured against detonation setpoints configured by the user for the monitored engine. Up to 16 cylinders can be monitored. 
These reference numbers are used to control two output switches, one for load control and the other for shutdown, and a 4-20mA current loop or Modbus RTU output to retard ignition timing.