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Auburn igniters, flame rods and …

When you need an igniter, flame rod, liquid level sensor, feedthrough or an observation port, Auburn is the name for quality industrial products. For over 100 years Auburn has designed and manufactured these products. Hatraco can supply you with these products for your application.

The igniters and flame rods take care of the gas ignition and monitoring. The igniters and flame rods are used in industrial furnaces, boilers, heaters, flare stack systems, steel annealing furnaces, heat treating furnaces and ovens, food preparation ovens, grain dryers, residential oil furnaces, crematoriums and wood drying kilns.

These flame probes give accurate readings over a wide range of temperatures, voltages and size applications. In addition to the existing product range, custom design service is available to meet unique flame-sensing requirements.

Every Auburn Industrial product is subjected to rigorous factory inspection. Conductivity and dielectric (arc flash ) tests are done for ceramic integrity.

The liquid level sensor systems provide level measurements in tanks. The liquid level electrodes are used in control systems that rely on the electrical conductivity of fluids. These systems are ideal for controlling liquids and moisture levels in foods, dairy, drug and chemical processing. Additional applications include liquid level control in steam boilers, water heaters, supply tanks and sewage disposal systems. 

Electric feedthroughs transmit power  where a hermetic seal is required. They are rated for pneumatic applications to 2500 psi (172 bar) at the temperature outlined for each specific product. The electric feedthroughs are used in a wide variety of industrial applications including centrifugal and submersible pumps, oil and gas filled transformers, explosion proof motors, refrigeration compressors, electric steam generators, switchgear and substations. 

The observation ports make it possible to view a flame inside of a furnace or view the liquid level inside of a tank. Observation ports are used in furnaces, ovens, heaters, pressure vessels, boilers and tanks. The observation ports remain leak proof under high pressure and at high temperatures because of unitized one-piece construction. Cico-weld eliminates the need for an organic gasket that can deteriorate under adverse pressure and temperature conditions. BOROFLOAT® borosilicate viewing glass prevents cracking under rapidly changing operating temperatures. 

If you need more information about the igniters or other products of Auburn or would like to receive a special offer, just contact us!