Altronic Passive Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs

Altronic has developed a comprehensive new line of (PPC) spark plugs.  These new passive pre combustion chamber (PPC) spark plugs can be used on lean-burn gas-fueled engines. Unlike conventional fueled pre-combustion chambers, Altronic PPC spark plugs require no independent fueling system. These PPCs operate on a basis of capturing the necessary air/fuel charge during the compression stroke of the engine. They are designed to provide a means of reduced in-cylinder misfire on lean-burn gas-fueled engines.

Utilizing advanced computational fluid dynamic modeling (CFD), each PPC spark plug is developed and optimized for specific engine makes and models. They are simple to install and require little effort to operate. PPCs are an ideal complement to Varispark ignition systems technology.

More information can be found here.