Kineteco spring starters

30 Kineteco spring starters delivered

A few weeks ago 30 Kineteco® spring starters were delivered to one of our customers. The customer starts their Deutz® 2-cylinder F2L511 engines with it which are being used for a pump application, in which reliability is an important factor. The Kineteco® SS41-1 is the right fit for this application. The combination of Kineteco’s high-end quality product range and Hatraco’s expertise was decisive for the customer.

Kineteco® Spring starters are safe, reliable, easy to handle and no battery or alternator is needed. No modification is necessary to bolt the spring starters straight on an engine. Kineteco® has a large installed base on different engine types. We can configure a spring starter for almost any diesel driven application that goes up to 20 liters.

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