Governors America Corp. is a leading provider of innovative engine control products to a worldwide list of customers. Dedication and focus on the world market has resulted in a vertically integrated company with complete design, development, production, and marketing capabilities for its family of electromechanical and electronic devices for precise engine control and system integration. These market focused efforts have resulted in innovative engine control products that are being used in all parts of the world. GAC product solutions can be found in every imaginable application and in the harshest environments. Some typical applications are generator sets, material handling, marine propulsion, mining, locomotive and off-highway applications.

GAC Products

GAC governing products range in cost and complexity from single speed isochronous governors to sophisticated multi-engine load sharing/power control systems, full authority drive-by-wire systems, locomotive diesel electric controls, full engine generator military control systems and a great variety of complementing governing and control system accessories.Complementary to the speed governing line GAC offers Air Fuel Ratio and Ignition control systems. You can find GAC products on ships, fork lifts, fire pumps, irrigation pumps, locomotives, wood chippers, dump trucks, containers cranes and many other machinery with engine/generator functionality.