Vision & mission statement


Since 1985, Hatraco BV is European distributor and manufacturer of products and instrumentation for industrial engines. We supply components for stationary gas engines, diesel engines and gas turbines for the industry, marine, oil & gas and power generation in all sorts of applications like CHP, biogas, sewage treatment- and waste gas. Hatraco is a specialist in the field of advanced spark ignition systems and industrial spark plugs. Working out of our headquarters in Angerlo (the Netherlands), we keep inventory, we provide test and repair services and offer customized product configurations for special applications such as marine, mining and hazardous areas (ATEX / CSA).

Industrial engine parts and systems

Hatraco is European distributor of engine equipment made by world leading manufacturers. Worldwide supply of customized products which are developed and produced in-house. With a wide range of engine parts and control systems, we help customers to improve their engine-efficiency for a cleaner environment.

Our Vision & Mission

Hatraco has always been a party that aims to assist customers with not just a solid program of well-known and reliable products but in even more so with a great deal of product knowledge. Our vision statement can be summarized as following: 

  • Provide Hatraco-solutions for all industrial engines in Europe.

Our know-how, spreading from spark plugs and ignition systems to fuel control systems and more, should lead to a trusting relationship with customers and we are always trying to be a reliable partner in mutual efforts to get the engine running according to expectations. Service comes first. Our mission statement can be summarized as following:

  • To be and remain, the most reliable and capable after-market partner in Europe regarding solutions for industrial engines.

Our experienced team of long employed and dedicated colleagues is always ready to serve you and just one phone call away.