TDI TurboValve

TurboValve is a versatile, pilot-operated starting air, or control relay valve used for the installation of TurboTwin Air Starters.  TurboValve is a direct replacement for Sealco Models (10900, 11900, 14900, 110250) and Ingersoll-Rand Models (SRV125, SRV150) relay valves.  High flow capacity reduces pressure drop through the valve providing for a broad range of applications.  A convenient auxiliary port allows you to tap pressure at the “IN” port for indication, control or pilot actuation.  Operation of the TurboValve is simple.  When either electricity is applied to the solenoid valve, or a control air is applied to the APP port, the main ports (“IN” and “OUT”) are opened to allow full flow through the valve.  When the start button or control air is released, the return spring closes the main port.

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