Hatraco® Pre-Chamber Spark Plug 71.018-06

Hatraco 71.018-06 pre-chamber spark plug

Hatraco 71.018-06 PCP is applicable for all type of gases on all MWM® TCG2016 and TCG2020 engines.

  • Guarantee 3.000 hours* of running hours/ lifetime on PCP 71.018-06
  • 5% higher engine fuel efficiency; 
  • ~50% improved combustion stability at 250mg/Nm3 NOx; 
  • Safety due to unique design of the metal shell. The 71.018-06 has a retainer preventing the release of the ceramic. No need for long metal barrel PCP’s anymore;
  • Specially designed Hatraco® Teflon™ extensions that suit this PCP plug;

This 71.018-06 PCP with matching Hatraco® Teflon™ extensions are uniquely designed, cost-effective and easy replaceable compared to the long extended barrel. Saves metal tubing and costs.

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Suitable for MWM® / CAT® gas engines type TCG2016 and TCG2020.

Alternative for all metal barrel PCP’s currently suitable for the above mentioned MWM® engines.