Altronic CPU-95 Display Module

For users integrating their CPU-95EVS system into an existing or planned supervisory control or remote monitoring system, Altronic offers its Display Module. In addition to incorporating a Modbus RTU-enabled serial port for communication with a remote monitoring system or local controller, the CPU-95EVS Display Module also supports USB connectivity to a PC and the associated CPU-95 Terminal Program.

An innovative ignition memory “cloning” system allows this advanced Module to upload the ignition system configuration file (number of cylinders, firing pattern, number of monitored gear teeth, 4-20mA or RPM curve, etc.) from a connected ignition module. This module retains information indefinitely in its own memory, which can be downloaded (without need of a laptop) to a new ignition module in the event that the existing module is damaged or requires replacement.

These are a few samples out of an extended variety of products Hatraco has to offer. For more information please contact us.

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