Altronic CPU-2000

The DC-powered CPU-2000 system is designed for application on all large-bore stationary gas engines and can accommodate virtually any engine firing pattern.  A single, universal CPU-2000 Logic Module can be used in conjunction with either a 16 or a 32-output Ignition Output Module thus minimizing the number and variety of ignition components.  A simple terminal program allows one unit to fit all applications, and a field-replaceable memory minimizes overall engine downtime in the event that the ignition system requires replacement.  This second-generation digital crankshaft-referenced system also integrates sophisticated combustion enhancement tools, and communications capabilities. The quad-strike function (four full-energy strikes), present in the CPU-2000, has been proven highly effective in igniting lean mixtures for lower exhaust emissions, as well as for improved fuel economy on engines that suffer from poor air/fuel mixing and scavenging.

These are a few samples out of an extended variety of products Hatraco has to offer. For more information please contact us.

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