Celebration of King’s Day changes due to COVID-19

It’s a different world with Corona (COVID-19) in our midst. Things that seemed normal just a few months ago, are not normal anymore. COVID-19 affects our daily lives and traditions. 

In the Netherlands we celebrate the birthday of our King, Willem Alexander, on Monday 27th April. It’s a national tradition; everybody has a day off work and school, there are festivities in the streets, fun fairs and flea markets. Normally the Royal Family visits a selected town, which is broadcasted live on television. King’s Day is just a great outdoor party for the whole nation.

This year will be different.

This year King’s Day will be celebrated indoors, so we call it Home Day.

In honour of our King, there will be a small festive program: at 9:45 a.m. all church bells will ring in the Netherlands, previous King tours can be watched on television and flea markets will be held online. At 4 pm we finish the day with a toast. We, at Hatraco, will also celebrate Home Day by staying at home.

In our daily work, we follow the RIVM (Health and Safety deparetment) guidelines, to provide our colleagues the safest possible workplace. We still do everything in our power to create solutions and deliver our products and services to our customers on time. This will never change!

Working together, creating solutions together, being safe together.

Be safe!