Bosch 7308

Bosch 7308: Large stock & ready to ship

At Hatraco we have large stock available of the Bosch 7308. When ordering today, means shipment next day!
The Bosch 7308 (same as the MAN 51.25923-0059) is officially approved for all MAN E26xx and E32xx series engines (M18 cylinder heads).  

The Bosch 7308 is first assembly out of the MAN factory. Officially approved and pre-installed by MAN since 2017.
These spark plugs are designed for highest life times and can be used in biogas and natural gas applications.  And also matches with our high quality spark plug Teflon™ extensions/leads.

In short, one plug for many applications and in stock for you!

More info: Bosch 7308