Job openings

Hatraco Technische Handelsonderneming B.V. is already active in the industrial engine branch for more than 30 years. Gradually grown from a single-person company to an organization of 30+ employees.

Both locations in the Netherlands are in the industrial park De Koppeling at Angerlo. Because of that, you can have contact with all of your colleagues. This makes a working day a lot more pleasant. Contiguously Hatraco operates internationally, therefore you meet people from different countries and depending of your function, you have to travel. Expand your horizon and profit from the decent conditions of employment that Hatraco have established for their employees. Further you have career development opportunities with any study facilities.

We are interested in new colleagues from the Netherlands and outside of the Netherlands!
Please, feel free to contact us for aspiration and other related questions.

Students / Internships

Hatraco Technische handelsonderneming B.V. is proud to have an acknowledgement for supporting trainees of different educations. We got the acknowledgement from S-BB and we work frequently with the regional schools. Contiguously we are partners of the Metaal-impuls (an local initiative of employers organizations and the Graafschap College, with the purpose to motivate students to choose a study in the sector technics) The internships are applicable for Intermediate Vocational Education and Higher Vocational Education. The internships for the educations of technics and marketing are also available for students of other countries. You can see the concrete available internships at

The available  internships that we have, are for:

  • Administration (salary administration & financial administration)  
  • Economics
  • Communication
  • Marketing and event
  • Desktoppublishing and allround desktoppublishing  (DTP)
  • Art & Design
  • Media designer
  • Technics (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering and industry design)
  • Human resource management

Please, feel free to contact us for more information.